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Dragon SOft Technologies - VA

Dragon Soft Technologies - Va offers the best quality service for all makes of IBM Compatible computer systems. We offer Custom built computer systems, Built specifically to your needs and requests, Repairs of your existing system(s) and Upgrading of the system(s) that have been left behind in the evolution of computer technology.

The Pen Guys

Each and every pen is individually turned by hand.
No duplicators, No Templates, and No mass production.
Every pen is collectible because no two are ever exactly the same. We specialize in mixing our own colors for the blanks. Do you have a favorite sports team? We can custom make your very own pen in those colors.


In the last few years I've returned to the art that as a teen I hated so much and now really enjoy. I am by no means a Master Craftsman, But I enjoy seeing an image in my head and making it come to life in wood. Even though the CNC Router is on or in wood, those items are displayed with The Pen Guys.